Fly’N Squares dance pictures

Our finished dance hall Aug 2012:

Slide show of dancing in the hall

Picture showing runway 01 for our airdrome CTQ2 with hanger on right at far end. The upstairs of the hanger is our workshop where we make things, dance, hold events, etc.

View to the west from above CTQ2 to west showing Lake Memphremagog and Owls Head mountain.

While Corry Lowden eats an ear of our delicious sweet corn, John Weller asks  a technical question-maybe like how to “Spin Chain and Relay the Coordinate dancing arky at fast track speeds”.  Even a superior and fast caller like Corry has to think for a moment.

Pot luck socializing.

Our large pot luck table- a hay wagon.

The following pictures were taken before we finished the room in 2012.

Relaxing while others dance in our rustic workshop.

Dancing in the workshop.

Three and one formation, now what?

Looking out the main workshop door at a plane coming in for a landing.

Are we having fun yet?

Melody Weller, our caller in training, says this is easy while others seem to be concentrating.

Corry Lowden dances while he’s calling.

Casual Fast Track.

Lets get home, we are only one call behind.

Ok, now what?  This is really fun, but I hope the next tip in not Fast Track.

Wow, my corner, I haven’t seen you for a while.

I know I am going to get this if I just concentrate. It would be really embarrassing to mess up with caller Ray Moskewich in our square.

Thankfully a slower call so we can catch our breath.

View of our middle pond as you drive up to the workshop.

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