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What is Beefalo?

Beefalo is genetically 3/8 Bison and 5/8 Domestic Cattle.  The meat you purchase is from 1/2 Blood Beefalo and is therefore 5/16 Bison and 13/16 cattle.  It tastes like beef, yet has the nutritional value of Bison: low fat, calories and cholesterol.  The small fraction of bison results in a meat that retains the flavor of beef but is nutritionally superior.  Beef from Beefalo contains 65% fewer calories, 45% less cholesterol and 26% less fat.  No grain, silage, chemical or growth stimulants have, been given to the Weller Farms Beefalo, which have been raised on the Weller farm in southern Quebec.  They are 100% grass fed.

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What is Beefalo meat and why eat it?  Why not just eat regular beef?  Well Beefalo is a natural cross that has been made between bison (the American Buffalo) and various beef breeds.  The original reasoning was to produce an animal that would be healthier and be able to eat grass and grow well and not take too long doing it.  The first animals that were able to reproduce were extremely expensive (millions of $), but now the price is more reasonable.  Full blood Beefalo is exactly 3/8 bison.  Meat Beefalo are 3/16 bison.  As you can see, they should be very close to regular beef in taste, and they are.  The differences are they have only ¼ the cholesterol and better taste than beef.  The meat also is generally cooked less.

The most important reason to eat Beefalo meat is your health and the safety of the meat.  I mean it is intrinsically “mad cow disease” free, because good meat can be produced with just grass and no protein or grain supplements due to its bison genetics.  More about prions later in the section on why I am raising Beefalo meat.

How should Beefalo be cooked?

Beefalo cooks the same as beef with two exceptions.  Because of its extremely low fat content it continues to cook longer than commercial beef after it has been removed from the sources of heat.  We suggest that you cook the meat about 1/2 of your normal time for commercial beef based on how well cooked you like your meat.  Secondly, it defrosts quicker than western grain fattened beef.

Thank you for your interest in Beefalo.  We hope you will become a steady customer not only for health reasons but because you agree that it is superior in all respects with its less calories, fat and cholesterol and great taste.

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