Energy sources

There are many sources of energy for you such as on the grid or your own system. Your own system could be solar, water or wind, and to some extent geothermal as well as combinations of all or some.

At present we use a combination of wood heating and geothermal. We could produce our own electricity by damming our brook and building a generating station. We just have not gotten to it yet. We can visit a small home power generating unit nearby so you can see how that is constructed and works. We use gravity feed water flowing through piping in the floor of our dog kennel to warm it in winter and cool it in summer. The minimum temperature of the water coming out of our pond is about 38 to 40 degrees in winter, so we can keep the insulated building at about that temperature even if the outside temperature is minus 35 or minus 40 Fahrenheit. We also will discuss the important topic of heat sinks.

There is plenty of wind on our hill and we will discuss building a windmill for electricity.

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