Natural gifts

Natural Gifts

Nature has many gifts to offer us. We all need to recognize and learn how to use these gifts in a way that is harmonious with nature. This way our circle dance with nature will keep on giving as we give to nature.

You find or have a piece of land

You need to recognize its possibilities and how they relate to your interests:

fields for gardens, hay, pastures possibly a house and or barn or other buildings

woods for lumber, firewood, water reserve, land erosion control

streams for water for house hold use, animal use, garden use, as a heat source, as an energy source

You need to recognize how best to utilize and work with nature to enhance and enrich it so it will nourish you and yours.

You need to respect what is there and not just want to change it into something it is not.

By our giving back to nature, nature will keep giving to us.

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