A most remarkable Obsidian knife.

Michel Thomas’s obsidian knife was found by his mother Pauline Thomas in the Spring of 1978 at the community of St Pauls River, Quebec, Canada. It is quite a conversation piece.

I understand that in prehistory that obsidian object were used as money. It must have traveled a very long way from western USA or South America or possibly even Europe or Asia, but was probably destined to be traded to possibly go to Europe.

When digging the basement for their new house It was found about three feet below the ground surface, it was discovered sticking out of a sand layer. That sand layer is about four feet deep.

The soil characteristics are from the top down about four feet of easy to dig sand, then a hard layer like sandstone about one and one half to two inches thick, then more easy to dig sand for many feet.

While visiting Michel, his brother Camille Thomas took it and it is probably with him in Yellow Knife, NWT, Canada.

It is over sixteen inches log. Image attached below.

There were several other obsidian knives found and other artifacts found in that area of St Paul’s River over time.

Another closer view of this remarkable over 16 inch long dark obsidian knife found at the village of St Pauls River in the most eastern part of Quebec near the border of Labrador.

Image of Michel Thomas who at one time had this knife showing it and the others to us in Stanstead, QC Canada:

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