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Recently we have heard of the addiction of cell phones has become a big hurtful problem, especially young people. A social worker past WWOOFer of ours visited and said that her “clients” used to be drug. alcohol, etc. related, but now are cell phone addicts.

Our loving Goldens can help replace the phantom reality addiction of cell phone with the real physical thing of touch, feel and interconnection with one of our Goldens.

We have raised only pure bred Goldens since 1967.
Many repeat happy and loyal customers over the past 50 years.
Save on your future vet bills; our breeding stock is selected from AKC, CKC, hunting, and show dog lines emphasizing health, looks, personality, and intelligence especially as medical, psychological and emotional aid companions.
Both sexes currently available. Check out: for more pictures and details.
Puppies are played with, wormed and have first shots.
They run around and socialize with us during the day on our farm doing projects.
Written health guarantee. Parents all here to see.
Write Fly to ctq2 or drive to Stanstead to take home your special puppy.

March 13, 2023

Hello….it has been a while.  Hope all of you are well J

Attached, is a picture of our Cooper…we just love him so much!  He loves to sit and watch TV with us HAHA especially if there is a dog involved. 

May 12, 2023

Great dog. Very affectionate with both of us.. not so much his little brother… but tolerated. Pooped in house this am but finished the job on our road soon after. Had pee on morning walk. Has discovered hot dogs and is trying to get a piece out of a kong toy. Likes a pull rope. Very gentle dog. 

This am with the help if a piece of hot dog my good boy Ricky walked non stop with his brother in the wooded people to distract…and peed!
The beginning of a long journey…

Hi George and Tonie -

I wanted to pass along some photos of Arlo.  All have been taken in the last couple of weeks.  He is soon to be 8 months.  He is weighing in at 64 pounds.  He is a big boy!
Things to know:

He LOVES the snow.  When its snowing, he sits at the window and cries because he wants to go out and play.
He likes to sit on our patio and watch the street traffic.  He could sit there every day all day.
He has a big voice and has found it.  He has a couple of different tones to his bark.  There is one for playing, one for potty, and a deep deep one when he isn't getting enough attention from me.  Lol.
He likes to ride in the truck with his head out the window even in the cold.
We have learned to play fetch.  We have a K-9 Kannon that shoots tennis balls.  

Just wanted to share some recent ones of him since it's been some time.
I hope you and all the dogs are well.

Hi Tonie, Just a quick note to give you an update. Sadie is wonderful. She traveled very well, she has adapted to Florida. She can sit, stay, down and hi 5.  She has grown a lot in the last month. We love her dearly. No more puppy. She is practically full grown. Talk soon.

Dec 2, 2022 We have parts of two liters still for sale, both males and Females. See pictures section.

Nov 20, 2022 New very happy customer from Montreal area. A pup chose his special partner, the client’s son who had some learning differences, to be his by going and cuddling up to the boy and just being happy loving the boy up as pups do.

Almost Halloween, Oct 30. We still have some of Becca’s pups both male and female left for sale. Please contact us soon to get your choice.

Comment from a recent purchaser:

On 2022-11-01 15:42, Bryan Dxxxxx wrote:

Tonie and George –

 How are you?  I hope all of Arlo’s litter brothers and sisters have found homes.

Here are some of the best pics of Arlo since he has come home.

 He is super smart.  We have started one on one training with a trainer.  He learns quickly. 

I didn’t have to teach him to fetch.  He picked that up on his own.

 He is social with ALL dogs and ALL people.  We haven’t met a dog or person that he hasn’t been social with.

He is quite strong willed.  I like that in him. 

As to be expected, he is trying to push his boundaries with me.

We try to make an adventure each weekend somewhere in Maine.  Recently, it’s been visiting a covered bridge each weekend.

 He is the greatest gift the world has ever given me.

I can’t imagine my life without him.

 I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


October 1, 2022 Sophie’s pups now have nice new homes, many with people who have chosen their pups here over the last 30 years and prefer our Goldens for their health, intelligence, loyalty and looks. But you are in luck as Becca has a liter of 7 puppies that are just ready to find now loving homes now.O

OK it’s now August 18, 2022. Sophie had 7 pups born July 21 (2M, 5F). They are all about the same color and all very healthy since the parents have been fed a lot of meat along with some commercial dog food. The males are already spoken for. The females should be ready for new homes Monday Sept 12 or thereabouts. We are starting to take deposits. We have 4 pups reserved at this time with deposits.


Our next litter arrived Aug 3, 2022. Becca had 7 puppies; 4 males, 3 females.


You can get on an email list if you wish by sending us your email address. In the interim, you might like to come pick your own veggies from our U-Pic anytime naturally grown garden this Summer by either driving in or flying into CTQ2 as the runway is near the garden/orchard.

Another email puppy request that came in April 29, 2022 that I thought was nice:

“I was wondering if you have any puppies available?  I have bought 2 Goldens from you one 25 years ago and another 10 years ago.
Thank you! A..G…”

From one of the happy new customer’s email 26 Feb 2022:

“Hi!! Our first week with Buddy is good!!!! Yes he is a love bug!!! Adorable!!! The first night was like a real baby, wake up at each 1h-2h!! Wanted to cuddle!!! Second night he slept better and now it’s good, he comes see me maybe 1 time or 2 during the night!! (He sleeps in our bedroom, has a big crate but door open). During the working day, Dave keep the pug downstairs with him, and I keep Buddy in the office with me! A small challenge to resist to those computer wires!!! It’s hard to understand not chewing them, I repete a lot!!! 🤣 We take 4 walks per day, he plays and sleep!! He already knows « sit », that was easy!! He took a bath Thursday, very easy!l too!! We can really see that he had good cares with you and he used to be touch everywhere, that’s very good!! Today is vet with shot! Next Tuesday we take a training class with someone a friend referred me, so we will bring the 2 dogs!! They still doing well together, sometimes they fight a bit around bones, but nothing serious!! 
We will give you some news!!
Thanks again for your good cares, we are very happy!! 😁”

10 Pups now January 26, 2022, 6 weeks old.


Pups now at Jan 4, 2022, 3 weeks old, next week we will begin accepting deposits:


These are the nice new pups, at one week old, born Dec 14, 2021,

and will be ready for new loving homes Feb 8, 2022

We will start taking deposits in January 2022. Call us: 819-876-2528, or email:

recent comment about pup from this Oct 17 liter:

“Ace had his first visit with his vet today. He is growing like a bad weed up to 13.8 pounds.He did very well. They believe his scratching and itching is more dry skin which is common  and we just need to add an omega pill to his food once day. He was very well behaved until the cookies came out and then he shameless nipped the assistance’s finger. He is doing great with house training, he rings the bell to go out and barks once. He loves fetch and has figured out how to fetch peoples shoes and hides them around the house.He also loves to watch the birds in the bird feeder. He sits ever so still and watches. The chickadees will sit next to him if we put seed down. He won’t bark or move just sit and watch.
The vet says he’s in wonderful healthy.
Noah and Julie”

The following litter all has new homes now, hopefully there will be a new litter born soon.

This is a picture of the pups playing outside in the snow November 30, 2021.

The pups were born Oct 17 and are growing fast with their mother’s milk and the mother getting lots of meat to supplement her diet.

As of today Dec 5, we have deposits for 6 of the 7 pups.

A bit of information, did you know that our kennel building has “free” heating and air conditioning?

Just ask us how it work when you come.

A just received comment Nov 16, 2021:

Hello George:

I always get so excited and happy when I see an email from you with puppy updates and pictures!  They are so adorable and beautiful/handsome.  I can't wait to bring Cooper home with us!  Give him lots of cuddles and love.


Our next female is due approximately  Oct 22, 2021.   She is filling out nicely and is keeping active and healthy.

We breed Golden Retrievers for family pets, hunting, showing and service dogs.

We breed our dogs for health, intelligence, loving disposition, as well as just plain golden beauty. With our breeding line combining hunting, field trials and show qualities, our dogs are healthy, intelligent and unfailingly loyal. When you train them to do something for you, they will persist until they please you. As hunting dogs, they will go through thick and thin for you and not give up.

Many of our customers love the breed but have had troubles with its issues such as heart defects or problems with hips and other joints. Our dogs seem to avoid these issues. They are naturally healthy, running, swimming and playing on our working farm every day of the year.

We’ve sold Goldens for a very long time and happy Weller Farm golden retriever owners are all over North America, from Stanstead to Tampa to Vancouver, and in Europe. If you would like to be one of them, please email us and we will send you our availability.

Those who have emailed will start receiving pictures after the pups are born and we will start taking deposits when they are 3 weeks old. 

We can ship you one by air if you’re too far away to drive. If you have a plane, however, and want to fly in to pick up your puppy, our AIRDROME identifier is CTQ2.

For more travel information click here

Kind Words From Buyers

Hi Weller’s

 Jake and Soda are doing so well !!!!!  Soda graduated top in his class at Puppy Obedience and is working towards as a certified service dog for Jake.  How they detect aura’s pre-seizure is unknown but the bond they have is amazing.  Soda is a very special friend to Jake, goes to work with him every day, shops at a huge Shaw’s Market and was a big hit at a recent Epilepsy Foundation fund raiser swim in Lake Champlain.

 We are so happy. Later this week Soda will join Jake at his appointment at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for a check-up and meet his neurologist.  Soda wears a Service Dog vest!!!

 I lost my dog in December and have been focused on Jake’s health and his adjustment to a huge responsibility with a pet.  Now I’m seriously thinking of having a dog/companion once again in my home.

 Jeff and I are looking for a male, 3+ months old and hopefully with all of Soda’s amazing intellect.  We’d like to come up in early May……

 Do you have any puppies available?  I can call  and discuss our thoughts at your convenience.

 Hope all is well with you.   We LOVE Soda !!!!  An amazing dog.

 Many thanks,

 Megan Goss


Stowe VT 05672


It’s been ten years or so since I have seen you. Sara and I bought a puppy from you in the Spring of 2000. I named him Spenser and he is a son of Skywalker born 26 Feb 2000. I don’t remember his dam’s name. I remember you saying that the pups were born under a chicken coop in a blizzard…

Anyway, he is 11 now and still as much  a puppy as he was 10 years ago. He has never been sick in 11 years.

Thank you! On many occasions people have said, of Spenser, that “it was inconceivable that any one could not like Spenser!”

In 2007 we acquired a 7 year old GSD from a breeder in St. Valerian de Milton. She came from Europe and had four national titles, Schutzhund ratings and a solid gold pedigree. She was more or less ‘retired’ with us. She’s a sweetheart of a dog. She had two problems, though. First, she had no idea how to be a house dog and, worse, for her, she didn’t know the first thing about being a dog and how to just ‘play.’

Turned out not to be a tough solution, Spenser the Wonder Mutt has ‘play’ down cold… in a year he had her running through the woods with abandon.

My mother-in-law came down with Alzheimer’s and when we saw how comforting the dogs were we had them evaluated and certified as therapy dogs. Spenser spent over a year doing that. Alzheimer’s and senile dementias are emotionally draining  not just on people but on dogs as well. By  the time Alzheimer’s claimed my mother-in-law both dogs were worn out emotionally and had to be used lightly with frequent breaks.

If we get another Golden, your door would be the first one I would knock on!

Brian and Sara Riley

New message Brian and Sara Riley Sept 11, 2016:

George, Hope this finds you well – just thought you might like to know that our Spenser (a Skywalker son) is still going, at sixteen and a half! Brian has written to you about him once or twice over the years.  Spenser is still a wonderful boy. Thank you for breeding and raising such happy, healthy Goldens! Sara Riley

Hi George,

I hope all is well. I just wanted to touch base and let you know my girl Nikki is now 10 and ½ years old and very well. She is still full of life and sometimes forgets how old she is. Her mother was Frisky Love. Is Skywalker still with you? I think he is a few years older than my golden. My girl has had a wonderful life. We only had one problem with her where she had to have ACL surgery but other than that, she has been a healthy dog.

I hate to mention of her passing but when that does happen, I will come to you for another pup. The Sungold line of retrievers is the best there is. A bit tenacious, but they are healthy dogs that live a long, active life.

Thank you for breeding good quality dogs. These dogs mean a lot to the owners and losing them before their time to cancer or other diseases is even more heartbreaking than losing them at a ripe old age.

Best wishes,

Eric E. Wagner
Director of Finance
Harmon Law Offices, PC
Newton, MA 02458

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