Atlantis location article by George Weller for Wikipedia January 2019

German researchers Siegfried and ChristianSchoppe locate Atlantis in the BlackSea.

I believe they have it mostly right. Below is a perhaps better outline of its location.

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As far as I ( George) know the only information we have about the possible location and description of the fabled Atlantis is found in Plato’s story of Critias, and it is a fragment as it ends abruptly.

Most scholars have thought the stories are fables, myths. Perhaps since the waters nearby “Atlantis” were called”Atlantic” by Critias, have we now miss perceived the designation Atlantic from what was meant and thus have had researchers looking in the wrong place?

Wikipedia says”The name Atlantic derives from Greek Mythology, where it means the “Sea of Atlas.” It does not define how large or where.

Could this pillars of Heracles actually be the now Bosporus when it was a big long valley with little water before the inflood of seawater into that huge fresh water lake in the year 5,550BC according to Dr. ‘s Ryan and Pitman in their book NOAH’S FLOOD pub1998? The Bosporus is at the narrowing south end of my concept of the Atlantis region. Atlantis would be east of the Bosporus and the region of Greeks and of the rest of humanity would be west of the Pillars of Heracles, currently the Bosporus,

Poseidonis the Greek god of water. From Critias: “Poseidon… begat and brought up five pairs of twin male children…the eldest, who was the first king, he named Atlas, and after him the whole island and the ocean were called Atlantic.”

“To his twin brother, who was born after him, and obtained as his lot the extremity of the island towards the pillars of Heracles, facing the country which is now called the region of Gades in that part of the world…”

So it seems that islands in the eastern Mediterranean, west of the“pillars of Heracles” (the Bosporus) were ruled by descendents of Poseidon and controlled by rulers of Atlantis, relatives of Atlas. Tyrrhenia refers to a non-Greek people.

I think the people from Atlantis, ie. people from Atlas, first son of Poseidon, son of Zeus, not only called the Black Sea area Atlantic,but also the Adriatic, Mediterranean and any other huge “ocean type” body of water. The waters would be called the sea of Atlas. This would be true as Poseidon’s other sons also controlled the islands of the eastern Mediterranean west of the Pillars of Heracles,Bosporus straight as we now know it.

From Critias: “Looking towards the sea, but in the centre of the whole island, there was a plain which is said to have been the fairest of all plains and very fertile. Near the plain again, and also in the centre of the island at a distance of about fifty stadia, there was a mountain not very high on any side.”

The top of this mountain is above water and is now called Snake island,also called Zmiinyl Island, and Serpent Island, and Leucos by Greeks and Alba by Romans because of its white marble foundations. Ref.Wikipedia article “Snake Island (Black Sea), History segment”.

There are temple remains of various gods on the mountain, now island top. The lighthouse is built on the previously destroyed temple of Achilles. The remnants of a Greek temple dedicated to Achilles, 30meters on a side, were found in 1823 by the Russian naval captain N.D. Kritzkii. Several temples of Apollo can be found here and there are other submerged ruins.

From: Island…

According to the book NOAH’S FLOOD by Ryan and Pitman © 1998, by about 5,550 BC the Black Sea fresh water lake that had been formed by ice age melting about 10,000BC, evaporated down about 500 feet and the world’s oceans rose. It was enough so that in 5,550 BC the world’s oceans flooded salt water from the Aegean into the Black Sea fresh water lake. At that time the 50 mile long Bosporus would have become a turmoil of mud and water. This flood raised the level of the Black Sea Lake about 500 feet. The Black Seawater level rose 300 feet to the plains of Atlantis, then continued to flood another 200 feet deep over most of the plain of Atlantis and most of its one small mountain, now called Snake island, which was“the home of the gods”.

The following is a spread sheet of my calculations about the size of Atlantis from Critias:

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