Thermopane window design for sale

Homemade insulated windows -better and cheaper than thermopane. Here are results for two different years comparing various walls and windows in our home:

Homemade insulated windows -better and cheaper than commercial thermopane.

Remote thermometer (Fahrenheit ) readings of the inside surface of my house’s various outside walls in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada:

Outside air temperature-12 deg F-21 deg F
Living room wall 6” thick (1/2” gypsum board, polyethylene vapor barrier, 6” commercial glass fiber insulation, 1/2” black fiberboard, wood clapboard siding)55 deg F59 deg F
Commercial 1/2” thermopane picture window38 deg F38 deg at top
35 deg at bottom
Two layer sliding window39 deg at top
30 deg at bottom
Homemade two panel glass thermopane window43 deg F41 deg at top
30 deg at bottom
Homemade three panel glass thermopane window47 deg F50 deg at top
39 deg at bottom

As you can see the homemade are warmer inside than the commercial thermopane, the two pane sliding window, and nearly as warm as the 6″ insulated wall. If you are a “do it yourselfer”, they are way cheaper just purchasing the glass and wood, etc. You can even make the outside pane thicker to prevent bird strikes entering the house.

Insulation not only keeps you warm in the winter but can also keep you cool in the summer.

Suggestions for making homemade thermopane windows.

Start with a rectangular smooth sided wood frame of 4 sides in wall.

The frame should be ¼ inch wider ……….

To get the rest of the directions, please send $25. to George Weller, 4945 Stage Road, Stanstead, QC Canada J0B 3E0


paypal link for payment.

We will send you an email with a diagram and instructions, and if you have questions you can email me:

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