Cabin Rental

Cabin for rent Contact John at 819-876-2528 or email

We are a farm in southern Quebec. The cabin is newly constructed as a get away, for those who want to get away form the city.
A short walk from the main house, the cabin is accessible by car most of the year(4×4 required in off season).
The cabin is now heated by wood stove. Their is no running water in the cabin. Jugs of water will be available refilled when needed. There is minimal electricity in the cabin for lighting. (via battery, small generator)

Cabin in early September
Cabin in early December
cabin from across the frozen pond

The cabin is mostly finished and in a usable state.

Front of the cabin
view inside first floor from door 
In the corner is a room with dry toilet
Bedroom first floor
some furniture, bed mattress with futon style frame
view inside first floor from door
Upstairs loft open area with a couple of mattresses
a look from upstairs
two opaque windows let nice light in during the day
View from the Door (south)
View through (North west)
The cabin from the north across the pond 
The cabin form the quarts standing rock next to the pond

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