2019 Saturday Sept 7 fly-in

All you can eat organically grown in our flyin/drivein U-Pic garden: sweet corn, salads, drink, etc. and a Beefalo hamburger for $20. 

This event has grown to 60 planes flying in last year ranging in size from a Hummelbird of 35hp to a Russian AN 10 of 1,100hp, and an RV 9 flyover from NYC, as he could net get CANPASS here yet and so could not land.  CTQ2 is a smooth grass strip over 2,600 feet long (01/19) with good approaches on both ends, located about a mile north of the Vermont border and 3 miles east of I-91. 

Rain date Sunday.

By choosing to fly in, every one agrees to operate at their own risk. 

 We are trying once again to get temporary CBSA (Customs) services for our American friends.

Contact:   George Weller

email:       gweller@ctq2.org

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