CTQ2 Flyins

September 14, 2024 Our 14th Annual flyin

A lunch with burger, sweet corn and other food for $25. pp from our organic market garden and orchard just a few feet away from the runway will be served in the picnic area nearly surrounded by one of our ponds.

Usually there are lots of interesting planes to see and fascinating people to meet. Hopefully we can attract US pilots to come across this increasingly cumbersome Border to attend this fun event in its secure and scenic environment.

By choosing to attend you agree to assume all your own risks.

A Schengen like area between Canada and the USA might be useful in the future.

2023 Flyin. It was not the best of days for the flyin this year. Very strong wind gusts from the edge of the hurricane, but right down the runway from the north. Due to the weather I was surprised at 20 or more plane arriving and lots of people. All I talked to said they had a good time. One drove their car down from Trois Rivere(Three Rivers) a pretty long drive to Stanstead. Also the big Gateneau 3 day air show was the same weekend.

The final date is Saturday September 16, 2023! There was a red sky sunset last night, so it should be nice on the 16th.

Sorry I listened to the weather forecasts as last Saturday was just fine here despite bad forecasts.

Our 13th annual flyin will probably be Sunday September 10 rather than Saturday September 9 as hoped because Saturdays weather looks rainy etc, but the weather looks great for Sunday! Maybe we will have more than 60 planes attending if people from the US are willing to do a detour to Bromont or Sherbrooke to clear Customs coming and a detour to clear US Customs to Burlington, VT or upper NY state or NH or ME. People with CANPASS from the midwest and New England will have a much easier time of it than locals, since I still can’t get CDN Customs 4 miles away to come even for a fee, and Newport VT NEKIA, while an airport of entry, still cannot get US Customs.

So please pass the word around, and a there is no insurance, by coming everyone must agree to operate at their own risk.

CTQ2 is a good grass 2,600′ runway and there is lots of good parking space in the accompanying fields.. Last year a lot of the parking space was rough due to cow hoof prints that we were not able to correct, and I apologize. This year that parking field has been completely re graded and grassed. It seems to be firm and good now with better drainage.

Our 12th annual flyin will be Saturday September 10 , 2022, and the weather looks great! Maybe we will have more than 60 planes attending.

CTQ2 is a good grass 2,600′ runway and there is lots of good parking space in the accompanying fields.. Last year a lot of the parking space was rough due to cow hoof prints that we were not able to correct, and I apologize. This year that parking field has been completely re graded and grassed. It seems to be firm and good now with better drainage.

Also some artisans will be displaying their wares for sale in the dance hall level of the hanger. This would give pilots and passengers something other to see than airplanes, and to do beside buying fresh veggies from our garden, and enjoying our sweet corn and Beefalo burger meal. We also sell Golden Retriever puppies and have a liter for sale at the moment. We had 2 litters a couple of weeks apart. The first one is all reserved, but the second one still has both males and females available. You might be able to fly one back home with you.

Again everyone flys /operates/attends at their own risk as we have no insurance. This is accepted by your choice to attend. There is no charge for flying in or camping under your wing. We charge $25pp for the lunch with all the corn you can eat, or $40. for couples. You are welcome to fly in and pick your own veggies at any time from now on as thing are ready.

Picture from our 11th annual fly-in:

There were between 45 and 50 airplanes on the field at one time or another. Here is a picture of some of them with the runway on the right side of the picture. We also served over 150 meal with almost all of the ingredients grown on our farm here. Everyone seemed to have a good time. It was also a good way to educate novices about flying and homebuilt small aircraft construction and the theory of flight.

Eleventh Annual Fly-in

This years fly-in will be Saturday Sept 11, 2021 (9/11), and will be our 11th annual CTQ2 fly-in picnic.  Good grass 2,600′ runway and lots of parking space.

All the sweet corn you can eat, a burger, and home grown veggies right from our u-pic anytime, garden/orchard  -all for $20pp.  Bring a friend/partner.  Money jar on table.

Since we have no insurance, if you decide to attend, by that decision you commit to assuming all your own risks and any associated legal fees. (Wavier to sign shown below).

Last year there were 60 planes on the ground.

Fly in any time for u-pic garden and orchard near runway.  No charge for flying  but donations accepted.

It will be nice to Commemorate the 20th anniversary of the crash into the twin towers in NYC in A POSITIVE WAY by exhibiting the best in aviation.

Feel free to contact Mme Bibeau ( Marie-Claude.Bibeau@parl.gc.ca ) inquiring why US small airplanes cannot attend this event, and why we cannot get CANPASS for this event.

To see a short video of an AN-2 like the yellow one that sometime comes to this ctq2 fly-in see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mNKUerLVnM

Tenth Annual Flyin 2020

Our 2020 Flyin was 12 September Saturday.

We once again hosted the annual fly-in and corn feed the second Saturday in Sept on the 12th.

Bring masks, enjoy the space with social distancing.   See interesting airplanes, old friends, in a spacious environment with views, trails, ponds and a sawmill. 
If interested we can show you our off grid four story hanger building that we designed and built with mostly our own wood with its 16′ octagon tower.  It has a solar power system, and a water source heat pump system we designed and installed ourselves.  Lower level is airplane hanger, second level is dance hall and venue for rent for weddings, etc, third and forth levels are for living and panoramic 360 degree views .

Remember, by choosing to fly in, you are choosing to come and attend at your own risk.  There is no insurance here.  Helpers are welcome (parking planes in rows, putting up signs, picking and husking corn from the garden, cooking, etc.).  Please let me know what you might be able to do ahead of time.  Thanks.

All you can eat sweet corn, as well as salads and a Beefalo burger for $20.pp,  all grown on our farm here organically.

Also, continue to enjoy our unique anytime drive-in fly-in U-Pic garden.  You just pick, check price, weigh, and put money in a box ,  all by yourself anytime.

Remember, CTQ a growing airport with space for more tie-downs and hangers.

Due to liability risks and suits and there being no insurance, you are required to sign the following form and send it to me. Email is ok as long as it is signed. Donations for us to take care of the airport are always welcome to be put in a black mailbox attached to the big wooden hanger door, but there is no charge.

This year there were about 30 planes that flew in.  While the weather here was great, the weather in Ontario was not this year.  Everyone seemed to have a great time. Here is an email received:

Many thanks for the great fly-in.  It is the most enjoyable one to attend.  Great spot, great welcome.  I might visit again before winter sets-in.

Here are some photos that you can download.


Ninth Annual Fly in at Stanstead/Weller CTQ2
Put it on your calendar—Saturday September 7, 2019.
By deciding to fly in, all pilots agree to accept their own responsibility as there is no insurance.
Our nineth annual meeting at CTQ2 (Stanstead Weller 2,600′ of good grass) on Saturday, September 7,  2019. If you wish to stay for the night in a tent under your plane’s wing, you are more than welcome.
There will be our grass fed Beefalo hamburgers, potato salad and corn on the cob, all grown on our farm for 20$.  You can eat as much corn on the cob as you want.
We also have organically grown farm items for sale:  sweet cider in season, apple cider vinegar,  Golden Retriever puppies, u-pick garden produce(pick, weigh on scale, check price sheet, pay into jar), and orchard with disease resistant apples and pears, trout fishing.  Don’t forget our own special variety of potatoes- “Golden Delicious” which are great fixed in all ways.

John has finished building a 20’x30′ two level cabin next to one of our ponds.
Check it out or call for more information 819-876-2528.

You will find all the information for Stanstead/Weller CTQ2 airports in the CFS.  
We are still trying to get the Canadian CBSA to come give customs clearance for a two hour period from 10am to 12 noon, but not having any luck.  This is in spite of the fact I let the RCMP use CTQ2 every week for their patrol of the border, probably saving the Canadian government a thousand dollars in manpower and helicopter time a week. At that rate I have saved the CDN gov’t at least $25,000. so far.   It might help if all US pilots  sent an email requesting the privilege of flying direct to CTQ2 that Saturday to:  Marie-claude.Bibeau.C1A@parl.gc.ca   Jacqueline Belleau is her very kind and helpful Office Director.

Vous trouverez toute l’information concernant l’aéroport Stanstead/Weller CTQ2 dans le CFS.

Pour toutes informations supplémentaires, vous pouvez contacter George Weller (819-876-2528) ou Robert Philippe (514-831-3167)

Ces informations sont à titre indicatif seulement. Il est du devoir de chaque pilote commandant de bord de s’assurer qu’il possède toutes les informations pertinentes nécessaires pour son vol.

Adresse civique:  4945 Stage Road,  Stanstead, QC J0B-3E0

It is the duty of every pilot in command to ensure that they have all the relevant information required for flight.


Sixth Annual Fly in at Stanstead/Weller CTQ2

Sept 17, 2016 was a great event!  About 30 airplanes came and lots of people.  We ran out of veggie salads and burgers, but had an unlimited supply of our great sweet corn since the garden is not far away and we planted 3 plantings to be sure.  Many came in for the first time and said it was great and they would bring lots of friends next year.

Below is a slide show from this years fly-in:

The discussion about the Canada/USA border went well with lots of requests for an easier border crossing for Americans and Canadians, especially for airplanes.  You should hear lots more about our CANUSA Project in the next two years and possibly a major publicity entertainment event.

We are hosting our annual corn boil cookout Saturday Sept 17, 2016 with all the corn you can eat, Beefalo burgers, salads, etc. for $15. donation.   People usually arrive starting 10am ‘ish.

The runway is now improved with wider space either side at the south end and is now very smooth as I bought an old road grader and used it to fill in bits of irregularities with dirt and then grassed it over last fall.

Also I have applied for CANPASS approval for summer use of CTQ2.  It is a long shot, but it may happen as I have council bylaw support from all nearby communities.  If it happens I will send out another email and those in the USA with CANPASS will be able to fly directly here and get Customs.  If so the name I originally put on my first hanger WELLER INTERNATIONAL may become true.

The community of Stanstead East, where we are located, is having a community get together Sunday August 21 based here at CTQ2, also starting 10am ‘ish.  They are highlighting aviation as well as other local businesses in the area.  It would be nice if some of you flew in with your conventional and homebuilt aircraft to show the general public something about your passion for aviation.  There will be hot dogs, etc and music provided by the town.  I am told there will be some sort of wooden plane building project for all the kids, with which some of you might like to get involved.  If you have more aviation related ideas, let me know and I will suggest them to the town.

We will also have our organically grown market garden and orchard (pears and summer apples) u-pick produce for sale then.

We have a cookout of Beefalo burger and other naturally grown food raised on our farm: homemade rolls, fresh picked sweet corn, potato salad and garden salad.

Pictures from the 2011 fly-in

Link to lots of 2014 flyin pictures thanks to JeanPierre Bonin:


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