Square Dancing

Advanced dancing A1, A2 lessons and dancing with Corry Lowden is planned for May and June 2016 on Wednesdays starting at 6pm.  During the class parts there will be helpers to help everybody to easily get the  moves right.  We will alternate lessons and dancing so everyone gets time to dance and to rest alternately during the evening.  People encouraged to bring snacks.  Water provided.  Download flyer:  2016 Advanced flyer

In 2008 we talked to Corry Lowden, the fun, fast and clever square dance caller from Montreal, about having a dance in the workshop of our new hanger building.  He stopped by to see the location up on our hill.  It has great views.  He loved the idea, and agreed to have a dance that summer.  This was the start of the Fly’N Squares.  We have dances in the summer with pot lucks at noon, and tours of the garden and orchard as well as the door prize of a short flight around the area.  Longer flight are possible for a small fee.  Contact us for self contained camping possibilities.

We host the Hands Across the Border square dance where the dancers cross the US/Canada border while dancing.

To see a previous flyer  just click Hands Across the Border.

To see some pictures from our two past dances, click here (and hope you have high speed internet)  Fly’N Squares dance pictures.

To see the current flyer for our Hands Across the Border dance, click Hands Across the Border .

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