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Corporate profits

Corporate profits are not the major indicator of corporate success.

Profits are important long term, but success depends on achieving goals.  Total goals include employee job enjoyment, accomplishing tasks such as building products, knowledge, economic worth, etc. as well as long term profits.


Government funding ideas(taxes):

When I was young there was a 90% tax rate on very large incomes.  There was also an antitrust law to prevent companies from getting too big and hurting competition.  Things have changed in the last 60 years.

I propose a simple TRANSACTION TAX on all purchases and get rid of capital gains and income taxes.  This national tax would be on all purchases, not only  of canoes and yachts, according to your income level, but also on all investments purchased in any way such as stocks, bonds, annuities, etc.  There would be no tax for the seller, only the buyer.  This would prevent anyone from dodging taxes.

The rate of 11% on all sales would be more than enough to eliminate US Capital Gains and Income taxes.

It would also give government their money right away.  It would be an inclusive indicator of economic activity.  It would do away with business finding loopholes for the wealthy.  It would save the expense and sometimes nightmare of doing and filing  taxes.  It is simple.  It would be comprised of percentage parts for Federal, State, and Local  governments.  If you made a wise investment, the profit would be yours.  It would not penalize you for being lucky or smart making a profit selling an appreciated asset.  The buyer would pay the purchase tax.

Also, any money leaving the USA for investment elsewhere would be taxed at the same rate.

An added benefit would be that as more expensive properties were built in neighbourhoods or on lakes, the existing people would not have to move away due to their property being re-evaluated to the point they could not afford it, as at present.

Addictive drugs policy:

Drugs should be available very inexpensively at drug stores with a license .  Since addictive drugs make lots of money for criminals here and abroad, this would take out the profit.

To purchase addictive drugs one would:

1-  need a license.  To get a license, one would have to council and learn with knowledgeable people in psychology, addiction, genetic traits, law enforcement and maybe other relevant fields.  They would learn about how drugs were being made as addictive as possible, and they would experience examples of how drug problems have ruined other peoples lives.

2- agree that if they cause society trouble,  go to a “drug farm”.    The person requesting the license would have to agree that if they caused a societal problem, they would be required to, and accept to, be put in a type of “drug farm” where they would work to pay for themselves, their needs,  drug counselling and help.  There they could choose to rehabilitate and then leave, or stay and receive drugs.   They would have freedom of choice.   Society should not be expected to pay for an individual’s society harming problems.

I have a feeling this might take away even the interest in drugs.  The cachet would be gone.  It would be very harmful to those making money in the various aspects of drugs.

National elections:

From the date of announcement of a national election, or scheduled date of a national election, the actual election should be two months later.  Campaigns should be limited to two months.  People should not have to start collecting money for the next election the day after they are sworn in.   They should have time to actually do work in office.  The practice of money buying lobbying should be drastically curtailed.

Ideas for better government should be based on debated ideas rather than what money purchases.

It is beginning to seem that money is becoming valued more as a tool to do things that concepts.

Asteroid impact and continental drift:

From visiting PEI and Cape Breton and looking at maps and images showing estimates continental drift, I think it would be good to look at the possibility of a large asteroid impact in the area of the now Madeleine Islands a long while ago from the now north north west beginning the journey of the African and European plates away from North America.

PEI is red sand and has uranium possibly pushed up from deep in the earth by that impact.  Western mountains of Cape Breton have rock up sloped from west to East possibly due to the asteroid splash.  The Magdelins may be the center up splash of the impact.

Please send me your comments about these ideas:

Gravestone shown below found in Heathton, Quebec Cemetery by George Weller about 1977 when he was Crystal Lake Cemetery manager.

It shows “JB 1703” and has a center indentation.  It is now in the Colby Curtis Museum in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada.

It is interesting because Stanstead was only first settled about 1790, and the letter “B” could refer to a person by the name of “Belknap”.  Belknaps were early settlers of the area and Belknaps were in Belknap county New Hampshire and may have taken part in the early skirmishes between French and Indians, and New England settlers.  The raid on Deerfield, Mass was in 1804 when the Indians returned to the Montreal and Odanak areas of now Quebec passing through this area.

If so this gravestone is the earliest artifact in the Stanstead area.

Homemade insulated windows -better and cheaper than thermopayne.

Remote thermometer (Fahrenheit )readings of the inside surface of my house’s various outside walls:

Temperature recordings home in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada
outside air temperature-12 deg F-21 deg F
living room wall 6” thick (1/2” gypsum board, polyethylene vapor barrier, 6” commercial glass fiber insulation, 1/2” black fiberboard, clapboard siding)55 deg F59 deg F
Commercial 1/2” thermopane picture window38 deg F38 deg top
35 deg bottom
two layer sliding window39 deg F top
30 deg bottom
homemade two panel glass thermopane window with 2” air gap43 deg F41 deg F top
30 deg bottom
homemade three panel glass thermopane window with 2” air gaps47 deg F50 deg F top
39 deg bottom

Send me $25. by etansfer via my email address( and your address and I will send you information(plans) how to do it yourself.

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