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We have sweet corn seed for sale.

We also have yellow seed potatoes for a while yet, but you must must come to our farm in Stanstead, QC to pick up these.

SWEET CORN SEED    Open pollinated that you can SAVE the seed.

Note- $24 CDN , by using PayPal (a credit card or PayPal account) the charge will automatically exchange to the proper US amount roughly $18 US currently.

Also, you can just send money/check and your address in a large envelope to:

Weller Farm 4945 Stage Road Stanstead, Quebec, Canada J0B 3E0

The seed potatoes are s creamy yellow that we have been growing here for more than 25 years and saving some of them for seed every May. They look like Yukon Gold, but no rose blush and much more prolific. They are great for mashed, baked, french fries, scalloped, and any other way you can use potatoes. They look when cooked like they don’t need butter.

We store ours in an underground 18 foot long culvert buried 6 feet underground, so they keep really well. They cannot freeze at that depth and do not start to sprout until we bring them out into the sunshine and warm weather.

They are of mixed sizes and we sell them for $20. CDN for a 10 pound bag, a bit less than 5 kilos. You can pay when you visit us.

Here are some pictures:

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