Fly-in Meet-ups

Sept 17, 2016 was a great event!  About 30 airplanes came and lots of people.  We ran out of veggie salads and burgers, but had an unlimited supply of our great sweet corn since the garden is not far away and we planted 3 plantings to be sure.  Many came in for the first time and said it was great and they would bring lots of friends next year.

Below is a slide show from this years fly-in:

The discussion about the Canada/USA border went well with lots of requests for an easier border crossing for Americans and Canadians, especially for airplanes.  You should hear lots more about our CANUSA Project in the next two years and possibly a major publicity entertainment event.

We are hosting our annual corn boil cookout Saturday Sept 17, 2016 with all the corn you can eat, Beefalo burgers, salads, etc. for $15. donation.   People usually arrive starting 10am ‘ish.

The runway is now improved with wider space either side at the south end and is now very smooth as I bought an old road grader and used it to fill in bits of irregularities with dirt and then grassed it over last fall.

Also I have applied for CANPASS approval for summer use of CTQ2.  It is a long shot, but it may happen as I have council bylaw support from all nearby communities.  If it happens I will send out another email and those in the USA with CANPASS will be able to fly directly here and get Customs.  If so the name I originally put on my first hanger WELLER INTERNATIONAL may become true.

The community of Stanstead East, where we are located, is having a community get together Sunday August 21 based here at CTQ2, also starting 10am ‘ish.  They are highlighting aviation as well as other local businesses in the area.  It would be nice if some of you flew in with your conventional and homebuilt aircraft to show the general public something about your passion for aviation.  There will be hot dogs, etc and music provided by the town.  I am told there will be some sort of wooden plane building project for all the kids, with which some of you might like to get involved.  If you have more aviation related ideas, let me know and I will suggest them to the town.

We will also have our organically grown market garden and orchard (pears and summer apples) u-pick produce for sale then.

We have a cookout of Beefalo burger and other naturally grown food raised on our farm: homemade rolls, fresh picked sweet corn, potato salad and garden salad.

Pictures from the 2011 fly-in


Link to lots of 2014 flyin pictures thanks to JeanPierre Bonin:

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