George’s Inventions

One of the first inventions I remember doing was a cloth bag for my mother Hazel Weller’s  Lewitt vacuum cleaner.  She had been buying paper bags for it.  I was about 13 and had just learned to sew on a sewing machine.  I sewed up a cloth bag for her vacuum.  She tried it and was so impressed she made an appointment and took me in to see the president of Lewitt.  He was not impressed at all.  It seemed that they made most of their money selling bags, not vacuum cleaners.  I learned a lesson in business economics.



A current invention I have been working on since 1984 is an in atmosphere air moving device using ionic propulsion to accelerate air.  It is a relatively simple concept.     Because the air/ion packets are controlled and accelerated and moved away from the surface, the system results in a huge drag reduction if applied to an aircraft, which then results in a very efficient and a very fast and manoeuvrable aircraft that can accelerate in any direction at any time, and can go extremely fast with much less supersonic engineering.

While in Florida during the winter of 1984 /1985 I even submitted three SBIR research proposals-one to AFOSR/XOT Bolling Green Air Force Base, one to Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, The Pentagon, Washimgton DC, and one to AFRPL/TSPR Edwards  AFB,California.  All were rejected.

While I have been encouraged my many (including a physics prof from MIT),  I am a person who likes to make sure things work before anything else.  As a result this project  has been basically stagnant until I can find a small  group with appropriate talents and some money to do development work.

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