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A Natural Farm … and more!

We grow Beefalo cattle, hay, vegetables, and wood all without using harmful pesticides or fertilizers. We also raise trout naturally in our ponds for fishing. We are perhaps more than organic but without the expensive certification.

Farm in Summer

Our large, comfortable home is ideal for Drive-in, Fly-in BED & BREAKFAST and FARM VACATION guests. Please send an email with your requests and we will send you our latest prices and availability. 

We find the alpine qualities of this part of the world very appealing. While our large house is snuggled safely in the valley, our airport (CTQ2) is up among our hayfields on the hill. We’ve built and /or rebuilt everything here and added extensively to our land holdings over the years so we now have over 370 acres. From up on our hill, romantic views of mountains combine with the streams, ponds and woods on our property to make a very enjoyable experience. So drive in or fly in and explore at your leisure.

Middle Pond

Our property is about a mile north of the Vermont border as the crow flies. This unique area has lots to explore because the border runs right through buildings, homes and the world famous Haskell Library where the books are in Canada and the checkout desk is in the USA. Another interesting local information source is John Mahoney’s Log Cabin Chronicles.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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